An overdue reunion

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This weekend I met up in secret with the 18 year old apprentice hunk from the office and we stayed inside a 5 star hotel suite all weekend having marathon sex together then we went back to work on Monday and pretended that we didn't know each. Our secret rendezvous has been going for months, and it all started at the Christmas party last year when we both had one too many. Initially, it was the occasional little 5 minute quickie in the cleaner cupboard in the office, then we stole an hour in the hotel next to the office after work, before we headed our separate ways back home. Recently I told my partner that I'm going on these weekend yoga retreats so hunk and I can spend the whole weekend together.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Sorry, @galenkp I got a bit carried away. You did say Be creative - Show effort - Be interesting for your latest Weekend Engagement concept . And @emmh-h can you top this shock weekend?

Ok, let's start again.

This weekend I met my friend Susan from my university days which I hadn't seen for nearly four years and we went on a day out to a town called Tewkesbury together then had dinner before parting, not knowing when we'd see each other again. Susan lives in Hong Kong and she came to UK last week because her daughter is starting university this year. I said I'd meet her at Tewkesbury because that's the mid point for both of us, and it's a nice old medieval town.

We started the day walking along the River Avon, with the Severn Ham on one side and the idyllic countryside houses along the river on the other side. Just so everyone doesn't get too confused, "Ham" is an old Saxon word which meant bend in a river, flood plain or water meadow so Severn Ham is a big piece of green land next to River Severn which joins with River Avon here.




From the river side walk, we looped into the high street. This is the second time I've been to Tewkesbury and I really love how many of the buildings have remained its original character. There's a mix of medieval, Tudor and Georgian buildings scattered across town, taking visitors on a historic journey through times.



One of the town's most famous feature is it's alleyway between buildings. In the old days there used to be over 90, now there are only around 30 left. Some are more famous and well kept than others, such as Fletcher's Alley which has it's own sign. It's quite a long alley way, very well maintained with houses on either side as I walk though.


Others have been assimilated into properties like this one which is now part of an old second hand book shop. Entrance is from the street through this alley way which has shelves of books all the way along.


The book shop used to be a pub. Gone are the barrels of beer, and replaced by books stacked from floor to ceiling in the three rooms. Book lovers will love the quirkiness of this place, rummaging through the shelves looking for gems.

And, if you love maps - for those who don't know or remember, these are physical pieces of paper you hold, not something on your mobile phone - you will be in heaven here. There were boxes full of them of different locations in UK, and the shop owner said they are UK's largest second hand map dealer. Some of these maps dates back to nearly 100 years ago. Susan and I rummaged through the boxes and were delighted to find one for the town of our alma mater, as well as for her daughter's university town and my home town.

I couldn't resist, and bought a 1946 edition one of my hometown, it just felt really cool to buy a bit of history for £3.50. The original price for the map was 3 shillings which is the old currency we used up till 1971. 3 shillings is worth £0.15.

On the way out, I saw this above the door. So very true.

We had a great day out, trying not to feel too old even though the next generation had started university. We reminisced what we were like when we started university ourselves, how we met, shared a house together with two other girls, met boyfriends and split with them (except one girl who's been with the same guy all these years), survived three years of fun and exams, graduated and all found a decent job in London, before going our own ways, and building our own families. After dinner, Susan and I parted, she and her daughter back to university, me and hubby back home, till the next university friends reunion.

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In the end we will become stories

That was a sad reality😬. As the clock kept on ticking and the days goes by everything became a memories in just a blinked of an eye.

Spending time with friends for years was indeed fun as reminiscing those old times.
Now I was thinking of my friends back then during my university days.
I lost contact with them

We're quite lucky the four of us girls are still in contact after all these years but I'm the only one in UK so see them less.

Does your university have a friend finding service? Our university alumni website has a service where we can write in with our name and subject studied and graduated year and hope someone else will contact us

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Everything is so well written and the pictures are amazing too

I have taken a trip with your beautiful photographs and your narration, to see these buildings so well preserved in magical here there are also places that date from long ago and give us an idea of how the places looked years ago, the bookstore full of bookcase and maps looks excellent a place of dreams for readers I also met sporadically with friends from high school and college and my son is 19 and my head with many gray hairs, but it is beautiful to see when the generations are already moving forward at a steady pace.

PS: that introduction to your publication left me wanting to know the end of the fiery story.

When you see the next generation taking our footsteps in education and then start work it really makes us feel a little old, but it's nice to see your own achievement. I feel that way even I don't have any kids.

As to the opening story.... 😉🔥🫂

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Hahahaha !LOL
So funny…

Great walk though and love the bookstore.
Have a wonderful new week @livinguktaiwan 👋🏻😊

Thanks Jackie!

You are welcome 😊 enjoy your Monday 👋🏻☀️

I’m still on holidays so a bit quieter 😉

What's the difference between in-laws and outlaws?
Outlaws are wanted.

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In the beginning~ I was like whoaaaaaaaa. Sis had a wild side????!!!! What da..... and then I fell for the same trap @galenkp set from the boobs n boots. Nice one guys keep it comin~ ;)

Europe seems so well preserved and almost magical to me. The pictures you show you can never see anything like that in the US or Asia. They have thier own treasures but maybe cause I dont goto Europe many times its such an amazing scene. Timeless....

Nice experience you had together with Susan. 4 years is a long time. must been so fan catching up. :)

Lol, one must be wary of boob traps and wild-side traps.

Many places in Europe and UK are well preserved, especially these little towns and villages, they're lovely to walk around that's why I chose this location coz if you're visiting UK you may only focus on the more well known places and not these pretty but low key locations

Lol, bloody clickbait paragraph! Kudos to you. 🤣

Learning from there best on Hive 😉🤣

Lol...hmm, a clickbait community on the horizon?

That book store is so cool and unique the way they converted/utilized the old alleyway. So clever! I like old well maintained buildings like that as well. Looks like a nice location to spend time with an old friend.

It was a very pleasant walk around, perfect for us oldies middies. Although I don't read much, I love bookshops, with lots of similar but different items on display, it's so interesting to browse, you never know what you may find.

How nice, your photography is always amazing! I love the food too!

Thanks for dropping by!

You're very much welcome, have a nice day ahead (^_^)

ha! I enjoyed that.. and I agree Tewkesbury is a lovely town. opposite the canal that massive old building I've explored in there it was an old grain works nice to see a glimpse of it again 😊

Is that the one in my image? There are a lot of walkers nearby, how did you manage to get in unnoticed?

I wouldn't be surprised if in a few years time, that building is converted into flashy flats and sold for extortionate prices. The view is gorgeous and very near to town.

Damnnn I loved browsing these pics. We're planning slowly to get back home but I can't even begin to consider where I'm meant to live, what town/city/county/anything.

This makes me kinda wanna be an old retired man sitting on a bench watching ducks XD

You guys coming back to UK? That's great. I think in times of uncertainty, it's best to be on home territory with access to transparent information. Hopefully you'll find somewhere to settle down comfortably. Not to difficult tbh nowadays, just find a little village somewhere in the country side away from the big cities.

Yeah that's what i'm kinda thinking about daily but we have to be near a city at least to start, as she is Chinese and needs to continue her career as a digital artist!

We'll figure it out ^__^

The first part of the Weekend experieince was getting very interesting, you could just keep going.

Anyway, the other version was also very nice, to see your friend and for her to visit a daughter. I love old architecture in UK, some of them are still in great condition, I believe depends on the owners and people who live in there. But the others are in poor condition and that is a shame to lose the historical buildings. Beautiful photos and love the book shops.

I would have to write my first NFSW post if I continued with my first sstory!!

I find most old buildings in UK are generally well kept, but of course there are some exceptions, particularly in big cities. People seem to be more aware of keeping heritage and history nowadays, hopefully that will continue

OMG I totally believed that I was reading a book with the first part 😂😂

Loved the photos ♥️

ha ha!! That's as much as my imagination will stretch unfortunately. You'll have to imagine the rest yourself!!!!

Challenge accepted 😂😂😂

That's such a cool town, love the pics. Im super jelly of that secret marathon lol.

I think I could stay for living in that second-hand book shop 😍

Perfect pictures

Gosh @livinguktaiwan, I had to check if it really was you with that racey opening, and wondered where you were taking us 😂😂
Your more sedate liaison with your university friend however restored your reputation.
There are some really beautiful places in the UK, thank you for sharing your trip.
I have a thing for paper maps, have quite a collection. May just be because my job entailed capturing data for mapping. Funnily I still take a printed map if we go away to an area we're not familiar with even though the updated info is on my phone😉
Very true saying there, we need to remember that and leave good stories behind, not so!
Have a lovely weekend and don't be naughty now 😅

"In the end, we will all become stories" - I love that, so apt and so true.