From the mountains to the beaches

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Hello and welcome to yet another travel post. I will continue to post some more content from Chiang Mai as I did spend quite some time there but I will also move to a new location in this post. After this trip, I went to a few smaller cities where pretty much no foreigners go and there isn't much to see either so there aren't many photos from there. After this post, it will jump forward at least a month in time.

Anyway, let's get to it. The first photos are going to be from the second "glamping" spot we stayed at. This was on another mountain than the one in the previous post. In my opinion, this was much better and the view was actually quite impressive. I took a photo during the evening when we arrived and then I took another one in the morning. I'll start with the morning one first though.


This was the view from our "tent". It was a similar one to the many tents you see in this photo. Pretty cozy and all but it was super busy and people bring a lot of kids to these places. Was still really cool though and nothing beats barbeque with this view.


I tried to take the photos from the same angle and I guess I did a pretty OK job. Could always be better though. After this, we drove down the mountain and drove to a temple that is up on one of these mountains. Cool place and you have to walk up quite a lot of stairs to get there. Honestly surprised people don't just pass out and roll down with the heat that goes on there.


Really beautiful place though and I enjoy walking around temples. Such a calm energy there.

The next couple of photos will only be a teaser for what's to come. I went to Koh Samui and Koh Pha Ngan which are these beautiful islands in southern Thailand. Everything is so nice out there from the water to all the amazing beaches.


This is the famous Haad Rin beach where the monthly Full Moon Party is held. What a crazy place this turns into at night. Definitely worth a visit if you are ever in the area.


During my stay at the islands, we decided to go on a day trip which takes you to most of them and you have time to explore, snorkel and just enjoy life. This one is called the pig island and it's actually full of pigs.


You can go there on a boat or you can rent a jet ski and go that way. I went for the boat ride since the jet skis are pretty expensive. One day I will go with the jet skis though.

So that's it for the teaser but I won't leave you with only that. I also wanted to end this post with some cool animals I've seen along the way. It's not monkeys this time!

I went to a cat cafe where they had a lot of different cats and I loved it. The Sphinx cat immediately jumped into my arms and was super cuddly. Never seen one before and I have to say that they are awesome. I wish I could have taken her home lol.

They also happened to have a baby fox there which was really cool too. They make the weirdest sounds but are super cute animals. Last but not least we have the panda of Chiang Mai. The first time I went to the zoo the panda was actually asleep so I didn't get to see it. I had to go there a whole second time just to see it. Totally worth it though. I love pandas.

Ok, so that's it for my post today. I hope you like the photos and I am super excited for the next post. I had a really amazing time in both of these places and you will see next time exactly why. Thanks for taking the time to check out my content and see you next time.

Peace, Straw


Truly, you present some impressive images. The landscape itself, both at night and the one captured in the morning hours are really spectacular. I also like to travel and take pictures and then proudly show them to my family and friends. So far I have not made a publication dedicated to travel, it will be another time that I get excited and publish an article about the experience of traveling. It will be gratifying for you to have had all that experience in your travels. @strawhat have a good time, greetings from Venezuela.

En verdad, presentas unas imágenes impresionantes. El mismo paisaje, tanto de noche como la capturada en horas de la mañana son realmente espectaculares. A mí también me agrada viajar y tomar fotografías para luego mostrarlas con mucho orgullo a mis familiares y amigos. Hasta ahora no he realizado una publicación dedicada a los viajes, será en otras oportunidades que me entusiasme y publique un artículo referente a la experiencia de viajar. Será gratificante para usted haber tenido toda esa experiencia en sus viajes. @strawhat que la siga pasando bien, un saludos desde Venezuela.

Thank you, I am glad you liked the photos. I tried my best to get a few good shots. It has been a truly amazing journey and sharing it with friends and family has been a treat as well. I hope you get to share some traveling content at some point too. Thanks for stopping by!

You make me so jealous with these posts as I love the places that are so close to the both extremes (beach and mountains) and in Romania is so hard to jump from one to another, haha. Great post! 😜

I love that too haha. In the beginning, when I was planning my trip everyone kept asking me "what do you prefer mountains or beaches? Well, I wanted both lol. Thanks, I appreciate it!

OMG I love the pandas too!!
They are so adorable in your photo!
The cats are so cute too!

Your post went from amazing to cute while I read it 😅
I love the view from your tent! I love looking at sea of clouds, though I think I only witnessed none 🥲
It must be pretty cold up there!

Hah yeah that Panda is pretty special and people flock to the zoo to see it every day.

I am really glad you liked the post. The view from the tent was amazing and it's probably one of the best places I've had the pleasure of waking up in. Surprisingly though it was not cold at all and I was sitting there in shorts and a t-shirt.

The panda is a show stealer! 😂
I think wherever there are pandas, I think I’d go!

Wasn’t expecting that. I thought when you’re up there and the seanof clouds are seen from where you are, it would always be cold. Another discovery 💡
I would also love to wake up with that view! It would be nice to just sit there, a hot drink in hand and just be mesmerized with the view.

Haha absolutely.

I was thinking the same thing actually but yeah as it turns out it's not very cold up there. Need to go higher up I guess.

There's more to go? Or maybe the weather is just not so cold over there that's why.

I miss my traveling days! I used to go out whenever I want to but seems like the usual lifestyle got me. But still as of today whenever I get to make some free time at my hand I try to take some small trips and explore.

I guess I did a pretty OK job

You nailed it!

Honestly, the first image is really beautiful. Both the images during day and night. Kind of mesmerizing.

I am assuming beside the pix of panda its the baby fox. I have seen one up close. Kind of making me to touch it for once lol. Lovely panda btw!

While looking forward to the upcoming posts and I must admit the beach exploration is going to be another exciting story to witness for us all.

I've only started traveling in recent years and it has been amazing so far. Thanks I am glad you liked those photos. I was really happy with them too. What a beautiful place.

Indéed that is the baby fox. They are so quick and agile that it's pretty hard to touch them haha. Even the handlers had trouble catching them.

I am super excited about the next post. Hope to see you there!

The place is beautiful. I love that night shot of the tents... and the clouds look like a lake.
And I guess it's a perfect spot to relax and have some beer and ... pizza? Nahh.. I think barbecue is better. hehehe

Haha to be honest a pizza would have been amazing but barbeque is good too. I am glad you liked the photos!

Love the view in that first (and second) shot! ...with the clouds at your feet... :)

Yeah I really liked how those photos turned out. Amazing place to wake up.

Wow!!!! It's very beautiful place.

It is a beautiful contrast between the green of the mountains and the crystal clear waters of the beaches.

Aws the baby fox, such big ears!

Panda looks like you caught it when it needed some privacy. xD

lmao yeah not sure what the panda was doing

que paisajes tan hermosos, buenas fotos, felicitaciones saludos

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