Hivefest 7: to the Hive church, rum and coke Saturday, and final dinner, until we meet again

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The Zuiderkerk was the venue of the second day of the conference. It was time for us to attend the Hive church. Arcange even held a little prayer with all of us. For those who have lost their keys or got their accounts hacked. Sometimes I wonder if people think Hive is a cult when they listen to me talk about it. Chuckles. Either way, the Zuiderkerk no longer serves its original purpose - holding the church services, and has taken the role of an information center and exhibition hall and hosts all kinds of cultural events instead.

And since the Zuiderkerk has pretty interesting ties with the legendary painters Rembrandt and Claude Monet (who painted the church as well), I made sure to dress like a painting that day! I felt like at a movie premiere or Oscar ceremony entering the church and walking on the red carpet by the entrance. I don’t know how Roeland manages to score these wonderful venues for us. This one was absolutely impressive! Right in the heart of Amsterdam!


The day was packed with interesting talks. Varying, from updates on curation projects and other community projects to a musical performance on stage by @steevc. Presentation on Satoshi Nakamoto (it focused on Craig Wright, meep, he is not my Satoshi, no way!). There were updates on fun games like Crypto Shots and Rising Star. I did not know about either of them until now.

The Rising Star started their presentation in a fun and surprising way! @steevc starred as an illegal busker on stage and was interrupted mid-song by a police officer! For a moment I thought it was for real because I did not know the context of what was happening, but then I learned that it was a little skit performed representing the events in the game! Well done! They had my full attention after that, and it seems like an awesome game!

And in my previous Hivefest post, I mentioned how Hive’s infrastructure sometimes is lacking or is a bit complicated for new users. I was very impressed with HiveAuth created by @arcange. This service makes the login and key signing process much easier and more secure.

Let’s say you want to use a device that is not yours or use applications that you don’t want to have access to your keys but still want to use them. You store your keys (memo, posting, and active, but never the owner key) in a trusted key holding app like Hive Keychain on your phone, for example.

Then you sign in through HiveAuth and it acts as a bridge between the devices on web apps. You want to borrow your friend’s laptop. You sign in on PeakD through HiveAuth. Type in your username, and a QR code pops up on the screen. You scan it with the Hive Keychain on your phone and it links the keys in your Hive Keychain on the phone to the PeakD on your friend’s laptop. No keys get stored on their laptop, but you still have access to your account.

HiveAuth also has some pretty neat features such as authenticating devices for a certain time, like 1 hour, for example. After the time has passed the log-in is no longer active until you make a new request to authenticate. I certainly see how HiveAuth can make people's lives and experiences on Hive better! Great job!

But here is a full stream from the second day that can be found on the official Hivefest Youtube channel if you want to take a peek at the fest experience and all the presentations.


@tdctunes getting ready to play some analog tunes on his modular synth on the Hivefest stage. It was so cool!

Oh, and I have to mention it! The cold beetroot soup! @coldbeetrootsoup guys delivered that day! The soup was very yummy! As a Latvian, I had to say that we eat cold beetroot soup in my country as well. We put a slightly different spin on it, however. The guys explained that the soup originated in Lithuania, so I learned something new! And they have many, many variations of the soup there. It was a memorable moment at the Hivefest, and everyone seemed so excited to taste it. The beetroot soup collective seemed very positive and uplifting. And the soup made me go and check them out on Hive as well! Seems like an awesome bunch of creatives to me! ^^


And after the presentations, it was time for the JukeBells concert by Gideon Bodden. The list of songs to be played was directly impacted by Hivians either at Hivefest or from the comfort of their homes all around the world. So all those who voted were playing church bell music for an hour to people and strangers in Amsterdam! It was such a treat!


The bell system (carillon) reminded me of a strange piano built from stringed-up bells. Each note has a different sounding bell attached to it or something of the sort. Honestly, I have no idea how it works, but it was pretty epic! I had never experienced anything like it, and to my surprise, the songs that were played were very recognizable as well.


Do you know this one?



The day was far from over after the bell concert. It was Saturday after all! And here on Hive, we know it is all about cats and beers, right? Does anyone remember what this pub was called? @detlev, who organizes #beersaturday, for sure knows! This place makes their craft beers there, and some of us were trying to taste all of them that evening (not me, I stuck to rum and coke) while talking about life, Hive, and other good stuff. We stayed until they closed and kicked us out in the rain in the end. No regrets! It was nice to talk with a friend.


I believe this copper contraption is a brewing tank? It almost seems like something out of a science fiction movie!


It was so cozy there. And look at all the happy Hivian faces! It was a great time.


The next day was meant to be a bit more touristy day in Amsterdam. However, the tiredness had taken over, and a lot more sleep was needed. The deficit had accumulated over the past few days. So, unfortunately, we did not get to see as much as we hoped of the city itself. But that is one more reason to return there soon!


The final dinner. Our venue was one of the oldest boat clubs in the Netherlands - the Royal Amsterdam Boat Club 'De Hoop' located by the river Amstel.

It always seems like time flies at Hivefest, and I think it is because we are always having such a blast. Thank you, @roelandp, and the team of volunteers, everyone who has helped out to make these events happen! You guys are amazing! Year after year, I am looking forward to this event with great anticipation. And I admire you all for your attention to detail and efforts to make it run smoothly. It takes a lot to make something so awesome. Thank you a hundred times! And I am happy to know that you do it because you love making these things happen and that it comes from the heart! I hope to be there next year as well!



The flower arrangements were such a nice touch. They were cute, and as an amateur gardener, I appreciated them beautifying the evening and giving the surroundings an even more festive atmosphere.


Juka has been to four in-person Hivefests already! OG Hive puppy. She was very focused at the final dinner, ahaha! <3


Amsterdam had one pretty funny feature. The weather was so unpredictable! We quickly learned our lesson to always be prepared for an unexpected shower of rain. It would be gone a few moments later and the sun would come out again. Perhaps, it is because most of Amsterdam is below sea level or just the time of year, but always carry an umbrella with you!



Ah, the view on the outside terrace! Looking over the Amstel river. All the pretty buildings on the other bank and the slightly swirling reflections in the calm waters.

It felt bittersweet and wonderful at the same time. It was our last day with all the lovely Hivians who traveled from around the world to meet each other there. But I don’t like to say goodbyes. Instead, I say until we meet again! That way it takes away some of the sadness that might come along when it is time to part ways.


I found lavender there! One day I will grow fields of lavender! The scent of lavender is like nothing else! I love, love it!


@brianoflondon offered to stare at the bell for a better photo. I think he did pretty well. That indeed took it to the next level, tbh! Thanks!


This year not so many Hivians made it to Hivefest. I think it was about 96 people if I remember correctly. The times have not been the easiest. The pandemic for years, financial problems across the world, and war. Crypto was doing so well for a while until it didn’t. Crypto doing the crypto things. But all that still impacts so many people in the world, and so they could not come :( I hope next year and years will be better for all of us, and we can double, triple, if not quadruple that number! Because Hivefest is a whole experience of its own. It is where you get to meet the people you might have interacted with only on the chain or chats before. And it is worth it!


But the evening moved on.




I love this photo I captured while moving from the final dinner venue to the Volkshotel rooftop bar. The autumn leaves on the ground, bikes, and festival flags! It just tied everything together in my mind. We were in Amsterdam for Hivefest, and it was autumn. All the vibes are there.


This mural was on the wall by the Volkshotel. It cracked me up! The motorcycle blends in with it so well!


My poison for the after-fest drinks was Gin and Ginger. I love ginger beer, lime, and gin combinations. It is such a refreshing mix!


I painted a little with the night lights of Amsterdam on the rooftop of Volkshotel.



I think in the end, we all felt a bit like Juka and Kimchi in the photo above. We were tired but happy at the same time. We listened to the beautiful poem by @poezio, hugged, and then it was time to let the moment go. Until next year!

Thank you all! I am honored to be part of the Hive community. Meeting you all has given me so much motivation and energy! I feel it now, and it has been weeks already since. <3

Song of the day: LOOR, Litherland - Erosions, Remix


It was a fun day in the church. You looked great. I had not performed in a church before, so I was keen to test the acoustics. @jux, @tdctunes and I plotted the little Rising Star skit and it seems to have made a big impression on people. The game is really cool. As well as being about music it can allow musicians to sell and market their tracks.

Although it was smaller this time Hivefest was great. The people who make it there are a big part of that and lots were at their first big event.

Hope to see you again some time.

Thank you! :)

The acoustics were pretty great! It was the first repurposed church I had ever seen. Made me question what makes church a church or just a pretty building with a tower. But I guess, it still counts. The history is there.

Ahaha! Your skit was so great! My first thought was what just happened? Are we in trouble? I am not entirely sure, but I have not heard of other ways musicians on Hive could create their music into NFTs, right? If that is the case that is pretty unique too. I am a bit out of the loop in the music department.

And I was honestly really happy to hear all the musical performances. Roeland does so well with giving spotlight to art and music during the event. We need more of this. Showcasing all the talent we have on Hive.

I agree, the event was a bit more intimate and so many new faces for me! I hope they loved it as much as I did and will come back!

Likewise! Maybe in South America? That was the rumor we heard for the next year.

Music is pretty big on Hive and I support various musicians here. I see great potential for that.

If it is in South America next time I will have to see if I can get there. I've not been there before.

Here's to more music and art on Hive!

I'm trying to get a few more active/joining that I know... and @stickupboys do a great job of this too (they are the ones that got me started)

Stunning photographs, I must say you really have a good eye for photography. I wish I could take photos like you... I still can't believe that Hivefest ended and it's been almost 15-16 days since Hivefest ended. It feels like yesterday, we were having dinner at De Hoop... Every location was amazing, the perfect selection for Hivefest. I am also very interested in the Hive Authenticator project. It will be a game changer...

I hope you are feeling good now...

Thank you so much Priyan! I feel like I relived the Hivefest while writing these posts. Writing sometimes helps me a lot to process and savor the experiences I had. And I needed that for Hivefest for sure because so much happened. I think I was a bit overwhelmed right after and now I could really look at it. It was so great, wasn't it?

Yea, for me I already see how it will be useful. I like to travel a lot, but not always I pack all my devices. With HiveAuth I could easily do Hive things on someone else devices with no worry by just having my phone with me.

I am a lot better now. Thank you! I went to my garden yesterday. It needed some cleaning up. I was so surprised how tired I got so quickly. Still out of breath and some weakness. But I hope it will pass soon. How are you doing? Is it getting colder in Netherlands? They are finally turning on heating here. I have been sitting wrapped up like a burrito in my blankets for a week straight now. It gets so cold at evenings.

I think I was a bit overwhelmed right after and now I could really look at it. It was so great, wasn't it?

Same feelings but in the end, everything was great...I personally never thought I would enjoy every moment at Hivefest...

Here the weather is getting colder every day. I wrap myself up after coming to my room and fall asleep instantly. Here, the heating is still not working but I guess soon it will start working...

Take care of yourself dear...

Hey @m31, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

Do you want to win SOME BEER together with your friends and draw the BEERKING.

I remember your outfit that day, it was beautiful, but I forgot to tell you back then!

Thank you! I was a bit shy and debated if I wanted to go all out like that. I am glad I did, however! :)

Just WOW pics - thanks for sharing

Have a !BEER from me

Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed them and thank you so much of organizing Beer Saturdays! Beer helps a lot in social events! And sometimes I feel like a lot of us Hivians are a bit introverted. Not everyone, I am sure, but a lot of us. Beer helps so much to relax and have a good time, hehe! :)

Great write up and pictures! I feel like I'm almost ready for another HiveFest! A whole year is too long!

Thank you so much @tdctunes! Ahaha! I know right! But I think Roeland really needs some rest after all this :) He puts so much of his energy into them. Months of preparations prior as well.

Btw, how was traveling with all your gear?

Yes @roelandp definitely deserves a rest. The work that must go in for something like that is pretty massive.!

Re: gear - I have a big setup in my studio (you can see it if you look at my hive posts or my Twitch or Instagram). For travelling I take 1/4 of my modular rig and it goes nicely into a specially designed backpack!

Thanks for the mention! See you at the next HiveFest somewhere in South America (that's the rumor).

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The is a nice diary, the choice of amsterdam was great, the old beautiful city with many historical architecture and is amazing. Looking at the photos everything looks very well organized and well visited. I am sure for many that is unforgettable event.

Really sweet random ahots you have thereof everything actually. I had to leave right after dinner, something with work (and being dead) but the closing drinks look like something i really missed there. Still fomo haha

Curious for the next edition but i guess we will see us there for sure!

Great recap and indeed it was a wonderful time. Love the images from the lights above the volkshotel, on to next year, where will it be ?